ADAM Computer System





A 83-05 047-S J M 9 July 82
1. Edition May 1983 ? ? J. Mallardi July 9th 1982



Coleco Computer Prototype to use with ColecoVision...

Coleco Computer Prototype For ColecoVision Video Game Console.

Signed Coleco Industries engineering, concept design drawing for the ColecoVision Game Console.
This is an original one of a kind piece.
It was done on board with gouache and ink, and has a clear plastic protective sheet over it.
The back of the board has a stamped ink label, with the date and the designers name. It is also marked confidential.
The drawing measures 14 3/4" X 11 5/8".

The back side of the cover... The front side of the cover...
This picture is taken closer to the folder. Front side of the cover.

Images are added with permission from the former owner in Connecticut U.S.A.
The new owner lives in Canada.

I Need the story behind this amazing drawing.

If you have the story and want to share it on this site, please let me know.

I would also like to know who is / was J.M. ?


I think I have come closer to who J.M. can be.
In the development of Expansion Module # 1 rev. B. I fell over a document which the name J. Mallardi figure.
Could it be this J. Mallardi who works with the Atari Module who also has worked with the drawing above.


Updated: It will soon be confirmed what this module was used for.

Another prototype was one of these, there was made over 50 pieces of this prototype.
The name: "ADAM SYSTEM FINAL TEST MODULE" makes no sense.

jomitt711 sold a few through ebay.

First I thought it was a prototype for an Atari 2600 module for use with the ColecoVision.

Because that which was tested, was placed in a shell from the Atari 2600 converter.

But i think i'm wrong.
The way that everything is built up, do not match in any way that this should be so.

So why the big connector is mounted in the middle like this gives absolutely no sense.

Also a connector, perhaps ADAM Net.
The sticker with the BIOS chip says "Tapes In".

As I see it, I believe that it is written is actually for an ADAM computer, -perhaps the above-mentioned drawing.

How, When and Why ?.

That is the big question.

Do you have some Information about what this has been used to, please contact me.

This is from slydc. July 15. 2010.

Jr. (of Colecovisionzone.com) has one of these ADAM proto module and came to my house 2 hours ago with the ADAM proto #6
which the pictures you see in the first post by retroillucid.

First, Jr. discussed this at the last CCJVQ meeting with me and Daniel (newcoleco) and newcoleco said that he thinks that is a Tape Simulator.
Well, Newcoleco huch was right! It is a Tape Simulator module.
The RS-232 connector is for transfering Super Games in it and to test them on a ordinary Colecovision.
The ADAMlink connector is to connect a keyboard so you can play any Super Games.

There is an Eprom with the sticker "TapeSim" on it, which I deduct that is a modified BIOS or not-modified BIOS of the ADAM.
But before I can dump the content of the EPROM, i need some informations that are not found on the net.
The EPROM is a Motorola SC88091L / CD48337 and the VPP = 22-24Volts.
If anyone has infos on the SC88091L, please let me know so i can dump properly the content of the EPROM.

For now, these are all speculations until we're able to dump the EPROM, just hoping that nothing is erased in it.

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