Michel Louvet


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M. Louvet is French, born in 1974 and live in Lille.

Puzzli is Louvet's first game on ColecoVision and his second/third really game.
The two first were adaptation of PANG on GP32, Dreamcast and Linux (called GPPang 2003 and DCPang 2005).

It began with Pang.

Louvet discovered Colecovision programming with Daniel Bienvenu's toolkit and he first try it for fun ... Finally puzzli was here !


Now that Louvet know better the limitation of the Colecovision, he would like to do games with sprites to see what can he do with them...
And Mr. Louvet really got a good start.


Bomb 'n Blast  -  Lock 'n Chase and finally  Ozma Wars, all 3 ColecoVision games released in 2011.

ColecoVision Commando test 1... ColecoVision Commando test 2... ColecoVision Commando test 3...

What you see here is an early build of a Commando like game from Mr. Louvet.
Do not think this game will see the light of day unless someone else takes care of the game and continue it. Mr. Louvet has many games he works on.

Helifire box for ColecoVision...   Helifire for ColecoVision...
Helifire originally from 1980 is another great game released in 2013.

One of the newest adaption was Pang, this time for our own ColecoVision.
Pang for ColecoVision... Pang for ColecoVision... Pang for ColecoVision... Pang for ColecoVision...
Here is the prototyped Pang in action, really good background graphics.
Pang is originally a official Arcade game by: Mitchell Corp.

The game is about to shoot bouncing balls.
It starts with the big one, shot with the laser divides it into two smaller balls.
Again, shoot the small ball and it gets even smaller, at last there is a small ball to be caught.

Louvet was also the programmer for the Bosconian port called StarCom.

Newest work in progress is:

Lock 'n Chase -Black Edition + Bomb Jack + Shinobi + Dungeon And Trolls + Nibbli + Ship Defence Force.

Mr. Louvet is a busy man.
He program games to some other systems, including Mobiles.
Some of the above games will never be released from his hand.
ColecoVision games will therefore be downsized.

See more Louvet videos on YouTube.
To get in touch with Mr. Louvet, try this: AtariAge or e-mail.