The New SGC.
Super Game Cartridge
by: Opcode Games.


A new PCB for ColecoVision SGM games is on the way for 2016.

In all new 2016 ColecoVision Super Games from Opcode Games where you see these brands above, will also contain the new SGC cartridge.
SGC stands for Super Game Cartridge.

These labels is to find on the ColecoVision game package.
A Super Game from Opcode Games have a production number which always starts with SG for Super Game.
If you don't know what a SGC is for a kind of PCB, then it will be explained here.

Inside in your ColecoVision game cartridge is there a little Printed Circuit Board mounted.
This little Printed Circuit Board inside this cartridge stores or contains your game.
Opcode Games call this Printed Circuit Board in their new upcoming ColecoVision games for Super Game Cartridge or shortened to SGC.

The SGC is powered with a very avanced Bank switching and with Save features be a lot advanced.
Save functions is based on EEPROM, with data retention of 100 years and endurance of 1 million write cycles.

With that means you are able to play the game 1 million times on average before the EEPROM fails, so no need for battery at all.
The new ColecoVision Super Game Cartridge can also be used with regular ColecoVision games.

First announced Super Games from Opcode Games in newer time that use the new Super Game Cartridge is Penguin Adventure and Gradius.
Penguin Adventure and Gradius was released in august 2016.
And for this to work, a brand new PCB was made for this new cartridge.

Programmers don't need to stop at the 32kb. barrier.

Is the game bigger than the 32kb., is Opcode Games ready with both the MegaCart1, (MC1) and the Super Game Cartridge (SGC).
MegaCart1 and SGC supports both ColecoVision and the Super Game Module, but with added save game features in SGC will it only work together with the Super Game Module.
If you have an added featured game, and no Super Game Module, will this game not even work at all, or the game will be downgraded.
So make sure that you have a Super Game Module to all your new Super Games from Opcode Games.

Start-up sequence -  ColecoVision.dk
When inserting a ColecoVision Super Game from Opcode Games will this picture above first show you a 3-second start-up sequence.
The start-up sequence will be showed in all new upcoming ColecoVision Super Games from Opcode Games' own label.
Click on the picture for a Youtube look.


MegaCart 2 is the new
ColecoVision Super Game Cartridge = SGC

Prototype of the SGC board...

"Any new and future ColecoVision Games form Opcode Games will be stored in this Cartridge."
"Save your game data on it without the use of batteries."

MegaCart 2 is a production name for the new MegaCart, and the official name is Super Game Cartridge.
 The Super Game Cartridge is a kind of media cartridge, a PCB that fits inside a regular Coleco cartridge casing, allowing games to be larger than 32K.

Up to 32 KB of Save RAM. to save any game data, like high score, save points, and so
And 128 KB of Mega RAM. Allows even more advanced games, like MSX Mega ROM games.
It is to find in the cartridge, not the Super Game Module.

This new PCB provides very advanced bank switching and save game functionality, each cartridge will save its own data.
Support 1Mbit (1024kb.) to 16 Mbit (16.384Kb.) ROMs.
2 possible configurations, 4 programmable banks (up to 2 Mbit ROMs), or 3 programmables banks and 1 fixed (up to 16Mbit).
Support 1 kbit to 1Mbit (128 bytes to 128 Kbytes) save memory.

2016 - 2017 - 2018
All new games from Opcode Games do now have integrated these functions.
And all future ColecoVision games from Opcode Games will require the Super Game Module and the use of the new Super Game Cartridge.
These 2 things belongs together if the game itself is from Opcode Games' own label.

You can only use ColecoVision Super Game Cartridges together with the Super Game Module, a ColecoVision, or an ADAM Computer.

Opcode Games will have his own games fully produced so that he can easily assemble the cartridges and easily put a label on.
So it is easy for the publisher to put the games for sale.
Publisher is AtariAge Store, and you will only be able to buy your Opcode games through AtariAge Store.

Opcode Games has not yet published a final version to the one above new Super Game Cartridge.
The showed picture above was a prototype.

Last updated:

August 19, 2018.
July 31, 2016.

Large parts of the written text are published by Eduardo Mello, Opcode Games and is 100% until other information is published.
Note: You can not use a ColecoVision Cartridge in the OMNI Game system.
OMNI have its own platform and its own system.

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